The fashion designer is responsible for keeping our blank t-shirts styles on trend.  Knowledge of apparel design, pattern making, fabrics, sewing, and grading are necessary.  Completing a program at a fashion institute like FIDM, FIT, or other school is preferred.

Models, (LA AND tijuana)

avanTgarde uses fit and photo models several times each year.  If you'd like to be paid to appear in our marketing materials, email us your photo or a link to your composite or portfolio or send us a DM on our instagram page @avantgardeapparel


avanTgarde offers non-paid internships for graphic designers, sales people, fashion designers, and production workers.  We have had interns from local schools like FIDM, UCLA Pathway, LA Trade Tech, and SMC, as well as from several colleges in France.  All interns should receive school credit for their work.  The internship provides hands-on experience working in the field of the intern's choice.  Because we are small, you will assume more responsibilities at avanTgarde than you will at most companies.  While an internship at Warner Bros. might teach someone how to fetch coffee and file papers, an internship at avanTgarde will give you practical experience in the post that you desire.  Sales interns do sales calls, emails, primary and secondary market research, prepare marketing materials, interact with customers, and help out with photo shoots and other projects.  Printing interns will work as apprentices, setting up easy jobs and printing them in addition to assisting printers by cleaning screens and tools, mixing inks, etc.  Design interns will help us and our clients create new products and get the opportunity to see their designs in real life as finished graphic tees.  If you want to gain hands-on experience now- email us at  


The sewing department needs contractors experienced in garment production.  Single-needle, overlock, coverstitch, and buttonhole machines are used on a regular basis to construct garments, do label changes, repair defective merchandise from our suppliers, and make samples.  Pattern making and cutting skills are a plus.  

administrative ASSISTANT, ENSENADA

The office assistant is an administrative professional responsible for communication and paperwork organization.  This individual's responsibilities include answering phones, emails, responding to quote requests, completing order forms, creating invoices, and organizing vendor receipts and bills. 


Graphic designers are responsible for color separations, creating vector artwork and logos (redraws) from poor-quality artwork, designing forms, cards, ads, and other marketing materials for avanTgarde.  The graphic designer must be "fluent' in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and attention to detail is as important as creativity.  Additional skills that are highly regarded are drawing, photography, video editing, and web design.  Graphic designers should have a portfolio of their work and be able to complete tasks in a timely manner.  A degree is not a requirement, however a history of study at an art school or design institute is preferred.  Starting pay $2000-2500MXN/week


LEVELS 1 - 3

A level 1 screen printer will be trained to operate both manual and automatic presses, how to register screens, mix inks, and produce both samples and production.  At most factories, this position is called a "sample maker" or an "assistant" and only specializes in one area of the production process.  Level 1 printers usually have anywhere from 6 months to 2 years of experience at other shops.  At avanTgarde, our entry-level printers are cross-trained to handle all the aspects of the production process.  Experienced preferred but not required.  Starting pay is $2000MXN/week

A level 2 printer  has more training and can therefore produce more quickly than a novice printer.  Our level 2 printers have anywhere from 2 to 6 years of experience at other shops.  A level 2 printer is expected to be able to work independently and complete a job from start to finish.  Starting pay is $2500-3000MXN/week

A level 3 printer is called a "master printer" at other factories.  He/she has sufficient training to handle all types of jobs without supervision and can produce at a very high rate.  A level 3 printer will usually be assigned to supervise the work of level 1 and 2 printers to ensure that jobs are completed correctly, perform set-ups for level 1 printers, and assume responsibility for the deadlines and quality standards assigned to the job.  Automatic and manual press skills/experience are required.  Starting pay is $3500-4000MXN/week


Our quality control person is what other factories call a "catcher".  This person is responsible for inspecting garments as they come off the oven for any misprints or defects.  Other duties include counting the items before and after the job, folding shirts, packaging them into polybags or boxes, and cleaning/removing stains from shirts that require it.  The ideal quality control person pays great attention to detail, can stand for long hours, is good at counting and basic math, and can scan items quickly (several jobs being run at the same time).  At other factories, the "catcher" simply pulls shirts off the conveyor and stacks them/counts them.  At avanTgarde, the quality control person is also responsible for communicating with the printers about potential problems or errors on their part, thereby ensuring great quality.  Starting pay is $1500-2000MXN/week


Are you interested in fashion?  Graphic design?  Manufacturing?  Management?  Sales?  We are always looking for good people to join our team of contractors to help improve our business.  We take pride in manufacturing American made products and contributing to the local economy by providing jobs and supporting our vendors.  If you are a positive, energetic, and creative person, email us to find out more at   We also accept unpaid interns who want to learn more about the fashion and graphics industries, business management, and sales.  Former interns have transitioned into paidpositions at avanTgarde after their coursework ended.  Please send a resume for consideration or come to our main office in downtown LA and complete an application.  Below are the positions which are normally needed at our company.