We are still open for business and hope you will push forward during this time of uncertainty, too.  This week, we are shipped shirts to China, New York, Los Angeles, and other locations in the US.  I hope that your plans to organize events, outfit your team, employees, church, etc. will not be thwarted by this viral scare.  We all have dreams and goals, and in order to achieve them - we must take risks and focus our energy on them.  Fear, doubt, and other negative forces provide counter-intention and make life more challenging, but your vision remains the most important thing.  Your ideas and your will to make them reality is greater than the outside factors that will try to squash your creation.  avanTgarde supports the vision, creativity, and effort of leaders and artists, and we are committed to staying the course despite the media and government messages that the economy is shutting down.  Yes, we are taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our team, but we aren't jumping on the bandwagon of giving up hope.