We are a Los Angeles-based small enterprise that has been creating quality t-shirts since 2000.  Our specialty is doing "full-package" garment manufacturing, providing t-shirts (either sourcing blanks or making from scratch aka cut and sew), decorating (screen printing, embroidery, and dye processes), and packaging (labeling, stickering, individual folding and polybagging). 

WE ARE NOT A T-SHIRT STORE OR MOM AND POP CUSTOM PRINT SHOP.  We have an industrial facility and are not open to the public since last year.  Our minimum order is 36 units per design for printing and embroidery, 300 units for cut and sew, and 144 units for custom dyeing.  We also offer heat transfer printing, vinyl transfers, label changes, and custom bag/box printing.

Our customers range from small businesses needing uniforms for their staff to fashion brands sold in department stores.  We have experience working with sports teams, events, concerts and festivals, museums, tv/film shoots, fashion start-ups, and schools, churches, and government as well.  T-shirts are so prevalent in today's culture that we see our work all over LA every day!